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Cute fruits are waiting for you to match them up in groups. Fruit Swipe - Swipe the fruits!

Fruit Swipe is the third of the fruits sequel games of Blind Logic. This game is made for fans of color-matching games: In Fruit Swipe cute fruits are waiting for you to play with them among the hilly lake side, by matching them up in groups.

Instructions: To make the fruits disappear just swipe through them with your finger. In Classic and Arcade game mode you have limited steps, in timed mode you have limited time. If you swipe 4 fruits the current move was for free, if you swipe 8 you get an extra step or time boost, according to your game mode. You also have a bonus counter, which is at the beginning of the level is 1, if you make groups of 5 or more, your bonus increases. However if you swipe even one group which has less than 4 members, your bonus resets! Don't forget you CAN swipe diagonally, and also can go back on your path!

After each level, you get a level bonus, and at the end of the game, an achievement bonus is awarded based on how many achievements you got so far.


  • Cute graphics
  • Smooth animations
  • Addictive gameplay
  • 3 different game modes
  • High score lists and achievements
  • Support for posting scores to Facebook, Twitter and Myspace
  • Scoreloop included

Challenge and compare your scores with your friends!

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